Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011 Rock n Roll San Antonio Half Marathon Expo

I was so excited when race weekend finally arrived. It was all I could focus on the entire week! On Saturday, I headed to meet Carly and Melissa. Soon we were off to San Antonio! My excitement was building as we inched closer and closer to the Alamodome!
I heard lots of good things about the race expo and that it was very large! I had to hold onto my debit card very tightly and not get crazy! 

The entrance was very well organized. We were funneled onto the Alamodome floor area and along towards the race bib/swag pick up area. 

Oh look! Finally my corral! 
Photo courtesy of Carly

I ended up switching to corral 22. I didn't want to be that far in the back

Next was shirt pick up! I love t-shirts and I could not believe how cute the shirts were. Bonus: they had a womens cut! 

The swag from the race wasn't that great although I didn't have any expectations since it was my first race. I do like the bag though. 
Rockstar posing next to a rockstar ;-)

Holy cow! Biggest Loser contestants, Jackie and Dan. As a loyal watcher of the show, I was very excited to see them. I had to sneak a pic because I they stopped taking pics with fans as I walked up. 

Photo courtesy of Carly
I will not be getting a heavy medal this year for completing more than Rock n Roll race but it is a goal for next year! Who doesn't want more bling?!?!
Melissa will be receiving some extra bling for completing the Rock n Roll Dallas and San Antonio races! You go girl! 

I managed to leave the expo with only one shirt purchase! This is probably the softest shirt I own. I wore it after the race and it is very comfortable. 

After the expo, I checked into my hotel and headed to the Riverwalk in an attempt to meet Carly and Melissa. After walking quite a bit, my feet started to hurt. I needed them in top condition for the race. So I decided to stop somewhere and go ahead and have dinner...alone (pity party please!). After dinner, I went back to my hotel to relax and lay out my race gear.

At one point, I started to get really anxious and nervous. I was also pretty tired. I set my three alarms to make sure I wouldn't over sleep. I turned on some music and actually fell asleep pretty early. I was awakened by my phone, chatted with my bestie,  and then fell back asleep. I was out by 9pm. I hear about people saying they can't sleep the night before a race but I slept like a baby. It was great. 

Stay tuned for part 2: Race Day!!!! 


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