Saturday, July 16, 2011

Long Wog Saturday Week 3

Today’s training wog began at 4:30am when my alarm went off. I wanted to throw my phone alarm across the room but somehow I managed to roll get out of bed. This weeks route took me downtown to the Town Lake trails. And by took me I mean I got in my car and drove to the Town Lake trails since I don’t live close to the trails.
Sadly I have been in Austin for two years and have never done the Town Lake trails. I got there around 6:20am and there was already a nice crowd out. It made me feel a bit safer. I was meeting Brittany and Stacy at 7am but wanted to get in a couple miles before then. Off I went. It was already hot at 6:30am but it didn’t feel too bad out because the sun wasn’t out yet.
I have been using the Nike+ GPS app to track my pace, distance, etc. Today I had a major app fail!!! Somewhere along the way the app messed up and got off course. It literally had my running through the lake. Thankfully I had looked at my distance before I looped back around to the beginning. Halfway was 1.25miles  so double that and I was able to do 2.5 miles before meeting Brittany and Stacy. The app has me at 3.25 miles but I know that is wrong.
I was not going to make the mistake of using the Nike+ GPS app again so I decided to try out the Map My Run app. It worked very well and helped us get back on track when we thought we were lost. I had a great time walking with Brittany and Stacy! We even stopped to take a few photos.
 IMG_1071     IMG_1073
We did a whopping 3.31 miles in 65 minutes!! Time flies by when you are having a great time and great conversation!!!
Then it was time to get our grub on!!! We decided to go to Kerbey Lane Café! If you are ever in Austin you should check this place out. You can get breakfast anytime of day and it is so good!!
We were pretty hot and  sweaty but it was just proof of our hard work!
I had the Baked Potato Omelet which consists of homefries, bacon, green onions, cheddarjack cheese and sour cream! Also known as yummy goodness!!!
Soon it was time to part ways but I was ready to get home because I had a package arriving in the mail!
I would like to announce that I am the proud owner of a Garmin Forerunner 305!!! I can’t wait to try it out figure out how to use it! It will be a much more reliable than the Nike+ GPS app.
Thoughts from week 3 wog:
  • I like my new pair of running shoes. I won the New Balance 940s from Shrinking Jeans but I have some pain on top of my foot now. I am not sure I need to lace them differently or if I should have got a wider width. They will be great shoes for my shorter wogs during the week.
  • Getting rest the night before helped me survive the long day.
  • Laying out my clothes and gear makes for a less hectic morning.
  • Is it October yet? I am ready for this race (mentally) and to get my first medal. Also, the chocolate and champagne at the finish line will be nice too!
  • Total miles today: 5.81 :-)
I attended an informational meeting about participating in Team DetermiNation to raise funds for the American Cancer Society through walking/running in the Austin Half Marathon. I am not sure I am going to do it but I think it would be a new and exciting challenge.
Anyone ever run a race to raise funds for a cause/charity? Did you participate on a formal team or just raise funds on your own?
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!


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