Saturday, July 9, 2011

Long Wog Saturday

My goal for todays training wog (walk/jog) was 6 miles. I found a park nearby that offered a trail since I did not enjoy the route I used last week.

My morning began at 5:45am where I fiddled on my phone for a bit and finally rolled out of bed at 6am. I have been trying new products to make sure I stay energized and hydrated on my wogs. Todays new product was the Jelly Belly Sports Beans. First, I don’t really like regular jelly beans so I am not sure why I thought I would like sports jelly beans. Nevertheless, I decided to be adventurous and give them a try. Let’s just say, some things will never change and I have some sports beans if anyone wants them. I am sure there are a lot of people who love them but they are not for me. So I will be sticking with my GUs until I get adventurous again.

IMG_1031     IMG_1327

I had my usual pre-wog snack of two slices of bread with some peanut butter on it and an orange with some Powerade Zero.

Then it was time to get all outfitted in my gear which takes forever.

IMG_1331 Today I am sporting my ISU visor, BCG moisture wicking top, Old Navy compression capris, Moving Comfort Fiona sports bra, Polar HRM and my new iFitness belt (review to come shortly). In the iFitness belt I have two GU Energy Gels (Vanilla Bean and Espresso Love), chapstick, iPod video, ID, iPhone, and ZippEarz headphone (another review in the works). Not pictured: Camelbak Charm hydration pack


And I was off! FINALLY!!! It wasn’t too warm at 7am. I am glad I went an hour earlier this week. 



Sadly this is the only photo I took during my wog and this was on my way to the trails in the park. I will do better next time!

I really enjoyed the park I went to. There were some very friendly people on the trail and it is partially shaded. Allegedly the trail lap is .9 miles but my Nike+ GPS app says it was less so I don’t know. I trusted my app so if I did more then so be it.


IMG_1035 Splits 7.9.2011

Whew!!! All done!!! And feeling like a million bucks but looking a sweaty mess!

IMG_1037 IMG_1036

What I learned from week 1 and week 2:

  • Don’t eat Mexican and have a margarita the night before. I think that may have contributed to why I felt so crappy during my week 1 wog.
  • REST!!! Last week I decided to lift, move, and declutter my storage closet the night before my wog. Poor choice. This week I did nothing last night and went to bed at a reasonable time.
  • Lay out everything the night before. 

I am (still) very excited and proud of my 7 miles I completed today!!! That is a life PR for me!


Happy Saturday to y’all!!!


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