Monday, August 15, 2011

Half Marathon Week 7 Training Recap

I realized I did not mention my plan for this week so I will just tell you what happened!

  • Monday: 3.14 miles in 40 minutes on the treadmill
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: 3.12 miles in 36:50 minutes on the treadmill
    • I use Nike+ to track my distance so I am not 100% sure of the accuracy but the time & distance sure do look nice. 
  • Thursday: Kickboxing class aka getting my butt kicked 
    • The instructor has incorporated burpees into the routine. I hate them but I do them and I am actually surprised I can hang with the veterans of the class
  • Friday: Rest
    • Well I guess form here on out each long run will be a personal distance record. 
    • Anywho, I did a whopping 8.18 miles! It took me almost 2 hours but I did it and I am proud! 
    • I also saw the Glee concert movie. OK you can stop judging me now. It was fun and just a happy upbeat addition to my Saturday. 
  • Sunday: Rest unless you count my 3 bowling games Sunday morning :-) 
    • And I made my first jambalaya with chicken and turkey sausage! It was the bomb!! 
And now some photos for your viewing pleasure 
Proof that I didn't make my PDR up 

I love these shoes but they will no longer work for anything over 5 miles

I went to get fitted and yes I walked around the store with two different shoes on.
I decided on the Adidas Sequence 4. I am sorry Nike...I still love you.

Local Austin movie place! It was fantastic. Food and a movie!

Don't be jealous of how hot I look in the 3D glasses

I deserved this margarita after my 8 miles!

Don't let the innocent cute face fool you. 


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