Monday, August 8, 2011

Week 6 Training Recap

Week 6 Game Plan:
  • Monday: Fitness Hula Hoop class
  • Tuesday: Zumba class
  • Wednesday: Training walk/jog
  • Thursday: Kickboxing class
  • Friday: REST
  • Saturday: 7 miles

What Really Went Down:
  • Monday: I skipped the Hula Hoop class. I was in a bad mood. Lame I know but I wouldn't have enjoyed it if I went.
  • Tuesday: Zumba class. It was even better because I went with a friend.
  • Wednesday: 4.1 miles on treadmill in 51:07 minutes
  • Thursday: Kickboxing class. Kicked my a good way
  • Friday: REST; I am pretty good at this resting thing :-)
  • Saturday: 7.05 miles outdoors at 6:30am. Gotta beat this Texas heat!
    • At one point I thought I was going to just pass out and I wanted to quit but I made it through. I felt great afterwards. Minus the toe pain which leads me to believe I am going to have to get properly fitted for shoes. My current shoes will be in the rotation for shorter distances. 
LOVE my Garmin!

Finally figured out how to do splits

  • Sunday: REST & ATX blogger happy hour!

Sorry for the short post. Busy day in the office!! Hope y'alls training is going well!!! 


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