Sunday, June 12, 2011

On the road again...

Note: I am typing this post on my iPhone. Please excuse any errors and formatting issues.

It's that time of vacation. This years destination is Orlando, FL and we decided to drive! Lots of hours in the van together! I actually flew from Austin to Nashville and my family picked me up there. It was my first flight with Southwest Airlines. It was very nice!

We then stayed the night at a hotel near the Tennessee/Georgia. Saturday morning we woke up and begin the long journey to Orlando. This trip should've taken about 9-10 hours but took closer to 12. We did get caught up in some not-so-awesome Atlanta traffic.

I didn't drive any on Saturday so I did lots of napping and playing on my iPhone. Side note: I recommend the game of Life. It has awesome graphics and is just like the real life board game.

Saturday night we made it to our hotel in Orange City, FL about 11-11:30pm. We were hungry so we went to Denny's. You have limited options at this time of night. I did not know Denny's had a fit n fare menu. Here's what I had...

I'd recommend it with a side of salsa. It was very filling and light which is what I needed at that time of night. I was also pretty cranky from lack of sleep and being in a van all day.

Today we decided to just chill and plan out each day. I've enjoyed doing a whole lot of nothing today. I mean I am on vacation after all. :)
My mom and I did go for a walk at the park that's literally across the street from the hotel. It has a track that goes along the perimeter of the park. The weather was so nice and I enjoyed the great conversation with my mom.

Of course I was thrilled about walking with my new SPIbelt. It's pretty awesome!

I absolutely LOVE Florida!! I need to live here permanently at some point! Don't know what it is but I feel so at peace when in Florida.
More adventures await me in the Sunshine State!

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