Thursday, June 2, 2011

National Running (and Walking) Day

June 1, 2011 was National Running Day. I decided to join the celebration and go for my own walk/jog. Unfortunately, I had to go late but it did allow me to go outdoors before it got dark.

My first walk/jog (wog!) was not very pleasant. I decided to go around my complex which is about a 0.6 mile loop. Sadly the back part of that loop was blocked off because they redid the pavement and stripes in the lot. However I still managed and used the sidewalks. Then it started to get really dark and the back part of the loop is not well lit at all plus I have a fear of getting bit by a dog and I could hear them barking. I kept pushing but then I kept seeing this Jeep and the driver looked like a 10 year old boy. Nonetheless, my attention shifted from my activity to the Jeep and safety of them and myself. Then the Jeep disappeared after I saw it 4 or 5 times. I was so over it by this point. Here is what I accomplished.

I could have just walked briskly back to my apartment but I decided I needed/wanted to do more so I went to the apartment complex gym (hadn't been in a long time). I was met with a nice cool blast of A/C and a lovely unoccupied treadmill. Perfect! So off I went and here is what I accomplished.


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