About Me


My name is Jeanette. I am 25 26 years old. I have been a Weight Watchers member since August 8, 2009. I am proud to say I started this journey at 221.6lbs and I have lost 50lbs. However, I gained about 20 of it back so I am trying to lose them again. The journey has not been easy but I have enjoyed it. Throughout this process I have gained useful knowledge about living a healthy life and fitness. I figure this is a great way for me to share this with the world or whoever cares.
This blog will be about my weight loss, cooking experiences, exercises, work, travel, and whatever else I feel the need to share. :-)
**Update 5.19.2011**
Currently I am on a break from Weight Watchers. I needed to try something different. I am using My Fitness Pal to track what I eat and to have a support system. My Fitness Pal is free and easy to use. They also have convenient and easy mobile apps.
Throughout my journey I have learned that tracking what I eat is the most important thing for me to be successful and either lose weight or maintain my current weight.

**Update 2.2.2012**
Currently I am on track to lose those darn 20lbs I regained. I am using My Fitness Pal to track everything I eat and my workouts. I have continued to run and my next half marathon is in 17 days!!! YIKES!
For January, I lost 6.6lbs and ran 70 miles!! I am very proud of myself. It is fuel to kick more butt in February.

As a beginner on this journey, I am still finding and learning about various products that can aide me in the journey. Therefore, I would LOVE to review your product and/or host a giveaway. Contact me at: jeanettehooker at gmail dot com


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