Thursday, February 2, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. I took a hiatus from blogging. It was nice and I didn't feel pressure to always have to post something. Most of the time I just don't know what to blog about. I am going to try to do better even if I am just blogging and writing for myself. I would like to wish y'all a Happy belated New Year (better late than never, right?!).

2. My next half marathon is in 17 days!!!! YES 17 DAYS!!!! HOLY COW!!! I have been working very hard to improve my pace and I have been successful. This course is not a flat course but I am ready for the challenge and I feel I can PR at this race!!

3. I have the best roommate ever!!! A roommate who lives a healthy lifestyle, runs, and can cook!!!! I am one lucky gal!!! It is a great roommate situation! A match made in roommate heaven. LOL

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rock n Roll San Antonio Half Marathon Race Day Recap

Race Day Recap (Better late than never right)

Finally race day had arrived! I woke up very well rested on Sunday morning. I checked the weather and saw that it was a bit warm, foggy, and very humid. Great, just great. I felt somewhat ready since I had trained in the Texas intensely hot summer. 

I had packed my own food to have before the race even though my hotel offered free breakfast. You just never know what they will have and I wasn't up for experimenting that morning. 

The race started at 7:30am. I left my hotel at 6:50ish. It was great staying within walking distance of the start line. I feel fortunate to have been able to book a room so close a month out from the race. I had a great slow walk to the start. Along the way I met another runner (no surprise) who has only been racing for a short time but has done a lot of races. We had a great conversation. Too bad I didn't think to get her name. Oh well. 

The start area was filled with a plethora of people! I just couldn't believe it. I had a nice little walk to corral 22. I began to get really anxious and nervous. Luckily I started tweeting and all my wonderful twitter peeps helped keep me occupied. 

The race started with the wave start corral system. I had a nice long wait before corral 22 was up. We had to make a turn onto the street where the start line was. Once we made that turn I became very excited. I tried to position myself towards the back of the corral but it didn't really work out so well. I ended up in the middle. Next up corral 22! On your mark...get set... GO!!!!!

Thanks to some tips from other runners I knew I needed to not gun it in the beginning. I started out on the outside and found my pace that I was at during training. I know everyone raves about the course but it really wasn't that exciting for me. I loved seeing all the spectators, cheerleaders, and kids along the course. I even high fived some kids. I was feeling good and couldn't believe I was doing it!

I settled into my pace. I felt great. I was praying that the sun would not come out and for a breeze. At some point, I thought I might be somewhat alone on the course since I am at a slower pace. Yeah right, that doesn't happen in a race with 30,000+ people. I had to dodge people every now and then when the road got smaller. Also, people should not run or walk in groups of 3 or more across. It's just rude and I hate having to go around you because you're taking up the road. *rant done*

I don't remember too much mile by mile details. I do know that when I got to mile 10 I was exhausted. The sun was out and it just wasn't pleasant anymore. My quads and hams were tingling and not very happy. I had to find a deep deep inner strength to push through. I had some water, GU, and Cytomax hoping to get a boost but nothing happened. I kept moving forward since I knew I was over halfway there. 

I thought this pink crane was cool and different. 
Finally Mile 12! Am I there yet!?!?! geez! Mile 12.5-13.1 is a blur honestly. I was overcome with emotions ranging from excitement to exhaustion and everything in between. The finish line was full of spectators and excitement but I turned up my iPod to block it all out. I just wanted to make it to the finish. And of course there is a hill during this last section. While it isn't a large hill, when you're at the end it is the last thing you want to see. 

Finally the finish!!! As soon as I crossed, I slowed down and I had tears in my eyes but then I was short of breath. I didn't know if I needed to cry or get some oxygen. I was a mess but I pulled myself together and got my medal!

Made my way through the craziness, got some water, a cold towel, and took my photo with my medal. I purchased some lovely merchandise in the finishers area. 
Purchased shot glass, magnet, pin, finishers shirt , & the pink shirt was FREE
After the race, I didn't have any plans to meet anyone since I was pretty much alone. I knew that Carly and Melissa were already done and back at their hotel. So I made my way towards my hotel. Let me just tell you...the last thing I wanted to see were stairs. However, in order to leave the Alamodome area you have to climb up a few stairs. Not happy. 

Anywho, I walked the 1.5 miles back to my hotel cursing with each step. I thought about getting a cab but traffic was kind of thick so it was probably quicker (and cheaper) for me to walk. 

I did not have a goal time in mind but it would have been nice to finish in under 3 hours. I did finish and I did not come in last so I was very happy. I am motivated to complete a half marathon in under 3 hours. To do this I will need to achieve a 13:39 or faster pace. I have got my work cut out for me!

Official Race Splits and Time
Garmin splits

Overall, I enjoyed this race! I am crazy and I actually like crowds and large events. I would definitely like to do the race again. The course support was great minus the GU station being empty and one Cytomax station being out of water. I had never drank Cytomax before and I must say that it is pretty darn good! 

Post race my hams and quads were sore for about 2 days. It wasn't pleasant to walk or climb stairs. "Pain is temporary but pride is forever" :-)

So now I am on to the next race which is in February. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011 Rock n Roll San Antonio Half Marathon Expo

I was so excited when race weekend finally arrived. It was all I could focus on the entire week! On Saturday, I headed to meet Carly and Melissa. Soon we were off to San Antonio! My excitement was building as we inched closer and closer to the Alamodome!
I heard lots of good things about the race expo and that it was very large! I had to hold onto my debit card very tightly and not get crazy! 

The entrance was very well organized. We were funneled onto the Alamodome floor area and along towards the race bib/swag pick up area. 

Oh look! Finally my corral! 
Photo courtesy of Carly

I ended up switching to corral 22. I didn't want to be that far in the back

Next was shirt pick up! I love t-shirts and I could not believe how cute the shirts were. Bonus: they had a womens cut! 

The swag from the race wasn't that great although I didn't have any expectations since it was my first race. I do like the bag though. 
Rockstar posing next to a rockstar ;-)

Holy cow! Biggest Loser contestants, Jackie and Dan. As a loyal watcher of the show, I was very excited to see them. I had to sneak a pic because I they stopped taking pics with fans as I walked up. 

Photo courtesy of Carly
I will not be getting a heavy medal this year for completing more than Rock n Roll race but it is a goal for next year! Who doesn't want more bling?!?!
Melissa will be receiving some extra bling for completing the Rock n Roll Dallas and San Antonio races! You go girl! 

I managed to leave the expo with only one shirt purchase! This is probably the softest shirt I own. I wore it after the race and it is very comfortable. 

After the expo, I checked into my hotel and headed to the Riverwalk in an attempt to meet Carly and Melissa. After walking quite a bit, my feet started to hurt. I needed them in top condition for the race. So I decided to stop somewhere and go ahead and have dinner...alone (pity party please!). After dinner, I went back to my hotel to relax and lay out my race gear.

At one point, I started to get really anxious and nervous. I was also pretty tired. I set my three alarms to make sure I wouldn't over sleep. I turned on some music and actually fell asleep pretty early. I was awakened by my phone, chatted with my bestie,  and then fell back asleep. I was out by 9pm. I hear about people saying they can't sleep the night before a race but I slept like a baby. It was great. 

Stay tuned for part 2: Race Day!!!! 

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Almost Time!!!

The Rock n Roll San Antonio half marathon is two days away!!!! I am very excited!! This will be my second attempt at my first half marathon. If you don't know what happened the first time then read THIS. I got over it and immediately signed up for another race and continued training. Anywho this post is about what's to come not the past!

Race Gear
I have pretty much decided  what I am going to wear. I will be wearing a Black Girls Run shirt that I so delicately added my name to on the back, New Balance Go 2 capris or tights (not sure yet but will pack both), Injini toe socks, Moving Comfort Juno Bra, and NB running undies. My current running shoes are the Adidas Supervova Sequence 4.
If you see me on the course give me words of encouragement say hi!!

I can't forget my expo outfit which is just as important. Haha. I was able to secure this lovely shirt from One More Miles (check them out at the expo!)

Music makes the people come together yeah!
Although I am running a Rock N Roll race where there will be bands all along the course, I will still be carrying my iPod shuffle. I just like certain music and I need my jams. If I don't use it then fine but it will be on the course with me.
Some of my favorites right now (Tried to do a screenshot but failed):

  • Flo Rida: Good Feeling
  • Rihanna: We Found Love
  • Lil Jon & 3OH!3: Hey
  • Lil Wayne: John
  • Kelly Rowland: Lay It On Me
  • Foster the People: Pumped Up Kicks
  • Beyonce: Run The World
  • Nicki Minaj & Rihanna: Fly
  • Black Eyed Peas: Rock That Body
  • Willow Smith: Whip My Hair
I think this is the part where I am supposed to talk about my goals. Goals smoals blah blah blah. Its my first race people! I just want to finish and have fun!!! I know I will finish within the course time limit so other than that I am not too concerned. 

Sunday's forecast: 
High 84
Low 66
10% chance of rain

Now if you will excuse me I need to continue running around like a mad woman packing. Follow me on TWITTER for important race weekend updates!


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