Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Almost Time!!!

The Rock n Roll San Antonio half marathon is two days away!!!! I am very excited!! This will be my second attempt at my first half marathon. If you don't know what happened the first time then read THIS. I got over it and immediately signed up for another race and continued training. Anywho this post is about what's to come not the past!

Race Gear
I have pretty much decided  what I am going to wear. I will be wearing a Black Girls Run shirt that I so delicately added my name to on the back, New Balance Go 2 capris or tights (not sure yet but will pack both), Injini toe socks, Moving Comfort Juno Bra, and NB running undies. My current running shoes are the Adidas Supervova Sequence 4.
If you see me on the course give me words of encouragement say hi!!

I can't forget my expo outfit which is just as important. Haha. I was able to secure this lovely shirt from One More Miles (check them out at the expo!)

Music makes the people come together yeah!
Although I am running a Rock N Roll race where there will be bands all along the course, I will still be carrying my iPod shuffle. I just like certain music and I need my jams. If I don't use it then fine but it will be on the course with me.
Some of my favorites right now (Tried to do a screenshot but failed):

  • Flo Rida: Good Feeling
  • Rihanna: We Found Love
  • Lil Jon & 3OH!3: Hey
  • Lil Wayne: John
  • Kelly Rowland: Lay It On Me
  • Foster the People: Pumped Up Kicks
  • Beyonce: Run The World
  • Nicki Minaj & Rihanna: Fly
  • Black Eyed Peas: Rock That Body
  • Willow Smith: Whip My Hair
I think this is the part where I am supposed to talk about my goals. Goals smoals blah blah blah. Its my first race people! I just want to finish and have fun!!! I know I will finish within the course time limit so other than that I am not too concerned. 

Sunday's forecast: 
High 84
Low 66
10% chance of rain

Now if you will excuse me I need to continue running around like a mad woman packing. Follow me on TWITTER for important race weekend updates!


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