Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

I started off my hump day with a lovely trip to 24 Hour Fitness for a cycle class. It was my first cycle class of the new year. Cycling is definitely a great workout. I didn't wear my Polar F7 so I am not sure how many calories I burned but it is always a lot in that class.

By time I got home from the class it was past breakfast time so I had some leftovers of the Deep Dish Pizza Casserole I made earlier this week. I found this recipe Emily Bites blog and adapted it to my liking.   
6 BIG servings = 9 PointsPlus values 
8 servings = 7 PointsPlus values

Before going into the oven. It was a bit too saucy from the extra tomato sauce I added. It worked out in the end.

The finished product!! It was actually pretty good.

After my wonderful lunch, I went off on an excursion to Ikea. I was tired of hearing about this super 60% off sale so I decided to go see what was going on. The sale did not live up to the hype. The items I want were not on sale but it was a nice trip. I did get some new lamps.  If you have never been to an Ikea store put it on your list of life things to do! Ikea is all things inexpensive for the home!! From furniture to kitchen cabinets to home furnishings to accessories, you name it they have it!! The stores are so big that they have a restaurant halfway through the store.  
Beware of the cinnamon rolls at the end of the checkout area!!!

I went to the grocery store after my lil excursion to Ikea and finally found melba toast!!! I kept hearing about it and finally saw it at my local Sprouts Farmers Market so of course I purchased a box!! One serving of four toast pieces is 1 points plus value but I decided to double it for 3 points plus and add some Laughing Cow cheese on it for a nice 4 points plus snack.

Melba toast
Gotta love Laughing Cow cheese wedges and only 1 pts plus value

The finished product!!
Now on to dinner. I was really craving quesadillas and I had a new quesadilla maker I had not used yet. I knew I had some chicken, shredded cheese, and bell pepper at home. All I need for a quesadilla. I picked up Mission Carb Balance Whole Wheat Small Tortillas. One tortilla is one points plus and two tortillas are three points plus.
My quesadilla consisted of two tortillas, half a red bell pepper, boneless skinless chicken breast, and fat free shredded cheddar cheese with some salsa for dipping.

1 points plus for 1 tortilla or 3 points plus for 2 tortillas

I love kitchen appliances and gadgets. The latest is a quesadilla maker!

Less mess and no flipping needed with this appliance!!

4 oz boneless skinless chicken breast seasoned with Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning. I would recommend 2-3 oz of chicken if using the small tortillas.

Keeping it simple with chicken, red bell pepper, and fat free cheddar cheese

The finished product  for 7 PointsPlus values and it was tasty. Next time I may get the larger tortilla.


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