Sunday, January 9, 2011

PointsPlus Calculations

I have been under the assumption that the addition of protein to the WW calculations was to help with the PointsPlus values rather than raise them. I saw this recipe in a magazine and, as always, I did the PointsPlus calculations based on the nutritional information that was provided. As I was entering the values I saw that when you add protein it raises the number of PointsPlus calculations. Check out the screenshots below to see what I mean.
Also, I will say that I LOVE the new program and this is not an anti PointsPlus program post. I just want to be able to understand the calculations and I thought protein was good and helped lower the values not increase. Maybe I missed something along the way but if anyone has any thoughts or clarifications then I am all ears.


Amazing Cheddar Sliders recipe from the Jan/Feb 2011 issue of Health magazine
Nutritional Information
Fat and Carbs entered equals 6 PointsPlus value
Protein increases the total by 3 PointsPlus Values
Fiber doesn't do anything for the PointsPlus value


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