Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Information Overload

I think I may have sent my friend into information overload. She sent me a Facebook message about my half marathon training and I sent her information on everything I know. 
I can't take full credit for what I was writing. However, thanks to all the wonderful folks I have met on twitter (#runchat, #fitblog) and reading various blogs I realize that I know more than what I give myself credit for. AND what I am doing is a great thing and I need to OWN it and LIVE in the moment! I really thought no one would care that I am training for some little ol race but I have been proven wrong. 

I kind of feel like a big deal. I'm just saying. :-) 

Anywho, here is the short novel I wrote to my friend on Facebook. **Excuse the grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. It is a Facebook message after all**

"Yea they say you should have a base. I did "pre-training" before my plan started just to build up and make sure I was ready. If you know an event you want to do then it may be easier to work backwards from that date and put together a training plan. I registered and then tried to figure everything out lol

Fitted shoes are definitely important. I really want a GPS watch (Garmin Forerunner be exact) but for now I use the Nike+ GPS app when outdoors and it works great. If I am on the treadmill I use the Nike+ sensor that is in my shoe and the iPhone app. I think Garmin has a foot sensor too for indoor workouts.

Some people don't run with water. I have to have it because I sweat a lot and get thirsty really easily. I use a Camelbak hydration backpack. They also have waist packs. There are all sorts of brands and styles. I think fuel belts is the other brand I hear about a lot. It really comes down to your preference.
There is a local company here in Austin called SPIbelt that sells belts to hold keys, phone, iPod...small items. I  have one and I really like it and they sell cute colors. lol

For clothing i highly recommend wearing clothing that is dri fit/moisture wicking. Cotton is a no go! I also have my bff Body Glide that I put on my thighs which helps with chafing and I use it on my feet to keep blisters away. Speaking of feet, I have moisture wicking socks that i found at Old Navy that I use. I like them.
Also, make sure you get a good sports bra to support the girls. Since I am larger on top I decided to invest (painful on my checking acct) in the Moving Comfort Fiona and Juno bras. I found them on for way less than on the company website. Amazon is the :-)

My latest experiment has been with energy drinks (Gatorade & Powerade Zero) and GU Energy Gels. I drink energy drinks before my long walks/jogs that I do on Saturday and after just to replenish. The GU energy gels (get the vanilla bean or espresso love) are good if I am out for over 45 minutes and need energy and just to replenish during. These are at places like Academy, REI, Sports Authority, etc.

For music, I put together a playlist using what i was already working out to. Then I read about a site called that lets u input your pace and suggests songs based on it. So I used the suggestions to add to my existing playlist.

OMG this is probably information OVERLOAD... YIKES SORRY!

I tend to read a lot of blogs and I have got lots of info on Twitter. I feel like I know alot after writing this lol. :-) I may put this in a post on my blog lol.

Continue to ask away."

Well there you have it folks! My "knowledge". Take it for what it is worth but it's all based on my own experiences thus far. 

Any additional tips or suggestions you would like to add?


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