Sunday, July 3, 2011

Training Week 1 Recap

I made it through week 1 of half marathon training. It was a bit rough. I returned from a two week vacation on Sunday and then started training on Monday. I don’t think my body appreciated not getting more time to be lazy (not rest because I felt rested for the most part). However, I pushed through and I am hoping next week will be better.

The plan for week 1:

Monday: Rest and/or easy 30 minute walk/jog

Tuesday: Zumba & strength training

Wednesday: 40 minute walk/jog

Thursday: Kickboxing class & strength training

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 4 mile walk/jog

Sunday: Rest

What really happened:

Monday: I used this day to rest and my body appreciated it

Tuesday: I did 30 minutes on the treadmill which equaled 2 miles. I did 40 minutes of the Zumba class at my gym.

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: 60 minute kickboxing class

Friday: Rest unless you count cleaning out my storage closet as activity

Saturday: 5 mile walk with very little jogging outdoors in my neighborhood

It was hot and humid already      IMG_1006
Upper Left photo: It was so hot and humid even at almost  8am. I may need to be out the door next time at 7am to avoid some of the heat. I forgot to check the temp once I was done.
Upper Right Photo: I was sporting quite the gear: Camelbak hydration pack, SPIbelt, Polar HRM, and visor from alma mater. In my SPIBelt, I was toting my iPod, ID, cash, keys, and a GU Energy Gel – Vanilla Bean.
Whew all done with the 5.13 miles…Finally!!!!
  • I did not stick to the plan 100% but I am glad I had a plan otherwise I would have been a couch potato all week.
  • I have issues incorporating strength training. I just can’t make myself do it or I don’t have time before aerobics class and then I’m too tired to after the class.
  • I do not do well working out at home. I have to go elsewhere to exercise or attend a class. That’s one thing I recognized quickly about myself.
  • I am pretty darn proud of myself for doing my long walk of the week outdoors and at 8am on a Saturday. I have changed so much over the last two years. Prior to two years ago, you couldn’t pay me to wake up early on a Saturday AND to exercise…yeah right.
  • I am looking forward to continuing week two training. I have some pain and tightness in my hamstrings and a small blister on the outside of my heel. Hopefully those heal and I will be back to 100%
I had my first Skinny Cow candy bar this week! It was heavenly! Go to your local grocery store like RIGHT NOW and get one especially if you LOVE chocolate like I do.
 IMG_0995     IMG_0996 IMG_0997
Sorry for the melted look…that’s what happens when I carry snacks to and from work to have just in case I need something.
What do you like to do after a long run or walk?


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